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20% Trading Bonus | Kridex

Bonus Name 20% Trading Bonus | Kridex
From Broker Kridex
Bonus Type
Bonus Duration December 31, 2018
Bonus Status Trade
Bonus Page Open Account

Bonuses Details

Kridex – If you prefer to receive extra trading power up-front, take the 20% trading bonus to boost your deposit value and give yourself extra margin to take on the markets.
Kridex - 20% Trading Bonus

  • Link: 20% Trading Bonus From Kridex
  • Dates: December 31, 2018.
  • Available to: New clients.
  • Bonus: 20% Trading Bonus
  • How to get: Open a new account and verify it.
  • Deposit minimum $100
  • Minimum deposit is $100 – Maximum bonus per deposit is $200
  • Total multiple claims is $5,000
  • Withdrawal: Yes,


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